Five County Credit Union Secures Their Organization

Five County Credit Union, FCCU, is a non-profit cooperative online banker in Maine. FCCU provides both modern and traditional banking services and delivers true convenience through extended hours and trusted solutions.


Five County Credit Union (FCCU) needed a solution for capturing and monitoring events securely to meet audit and compliance requirements. FCCU’s previous threat management software had too high of a cost to make the necessary feature additions. As such, FCCU turned to Winslow Technology Group (WTG) for guidance and advice on a new security solution.

Solution and Outcome

WTG, in partnership with strategic security provider, Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN), designed a managed security service offering to address FCCU’s requirements. AWN’s CyberSoc-as-a-Service provided FCCU with access to a team of cybersecurity experts, centralized visibility with actionable outcomes, removal of time-consuming false alarms, and a simplified and predictable pricing model. Additionally, AWN’s Concierge Security Team acts as an extension of FCCU’s own team. With the AWN solution, FCCU’s audit requirements are now being met in a cost-effective manner.

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