December 2023

09/2023 – 12/2023


Join us virtually for a 4-part cybersecurity webinar series as we recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October! We will host an in-depth cybersecurity webinar each month from September to December, focusing on the steps you can take to implement a multi-layered security strategy for mitigating risks at a variety of levels.

Cybersecurity Awareness

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Does your current security strategy include measures that provide protection across all layers of the traditional network computing model? Watch to hear Matt Kozloski from Winslow Technology Group discuss insights into proactive risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and industry best practices, empowering you to make informed decisions and fortify your defenses against potential cyber risks.

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Watch to hear Courtney Letema from Winslow Technolgy Group and Dan Lewandowski from CrowdStrike discuss Falcon Complete XDR, a 24/7 managed security operation service with prioritized, actionable detections and security insights without any downtime that triages threats at unprecedented speed and scale.



Watch to hear Matt Kozloski & Steve Stasiukonis from Secure Network Technologies, discuss today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, where cyber threats continue to escalate in complexity, and understand why the role of penetration testing has become paramount.



Watch to learn about our co-managed services and how they are an efficient way to keep your infrastructure updated for security and reliability, and how we are an extension of your team, assisting and supporting you where you need it.

Managed Services



Watch to hear Matt Kozloski, WTG VP of Professional Services and Cybersecurity, and Josh Stenhouse, Rubrik Field CTO, discuss zero trust best practices to keep your organization safe.




Watch to learn how Microsoft Intune can manage user access and simplify app and device management across your many devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints.

Microsoft Intune



Watch to learn how to implement zero-trust strategies and keep your organization safe from cyber attacks with Rick Gouin, Winslow Technology Group Chief Technology Officer. We will review how bad actors are targeting public sector organizations and municipalities and how malicious events can result in significant costs, reputational damage, and loss of trust.




Join us virtually on Tuesday, October 25th at 11:00 am to learn about Crowdstrike Falcon Complete and how it helps protect sensitive data and critical infrastructure all while meeting compliance regulations and maintaining the trust of your community. We will also review a local state entity and how they successfully deployed Falcon Complete.



September 20th, 2022

Do your employees truly understand the importance of complying with security policies? Are they complying with new cybersecurity initiatives because they have to or want to?

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September 15th, 2022

Have you implemented foundational endpoint security controls to protect your organization?

Watch to learn about Endpoint Privilege Manager, a critical and foundational endpoint control that addresses the underlying weaknesses of endpoint defenses against a privileged attacker and helps enterprises defend against these attacks.




June 28th, 2022

How is your organization securing user-to-app, app-to-app, machine-to-machine?

Watch to hear how Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange solution enables fast and secure access to cloud resources. Zscaler helps IT move away from network infrastructure to the cloud, securely, using the principles of zero trust.




June 17th, 2022

WTG NorthstarMS co-managed technology services provide an affordable support and management solution, reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and providing executives and IT teams alike peace of mind.

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