Data Center Solutions

Find the assistance you need in planning, analyzing, designing and consolidating the key aspects of your business’ data center. Our IT Consultants and Technology experts offer the support needed for you to be in charge of the key aspects that your data center involves.

Through the years, Winslow Technology Group has been focused on the data center as the core of technology, particularly among businesses with critical data and systems. We offer resources and implement up-to-date management techniques to provide you with results that can support your data center requirements and facilitate improvements in any organization.

Data Center Solutions

How Our IT Consulting Experts Can Improve Your Data Center


We are experts in the datacenter, and the primary building block of the modern datacenter is the X86 server. Whether you are looking at a new virtualization project, interested in hyperconvergence, or just need to deploy a new SQL server, WTG can help match you with the right technology. Our engineers are fully certified in the best practices and deployment of modern servers, and more importantly have the skill and experience to properly leverage all the tools and capabilities built into these platforms.


We carry a full line of networking products, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Infiniband options. More importantly, however, we have the expertise to properly design and implement your network. Whether you need a new Storage Area Network to support your storage array, or a 10Gb infrastructure for your new hyperconverged deployment, we can help.

Rack and Power

Winslow Technology Group is partnered with the top providers of rack and power equipment. We have the experience and tools to help you put together a physical infrastructure that makes sense in your environment. Does hot aisle containment or in row air conditioning make sense for you? We can help you sort it out.

Converged Infrastructure

Halfway between a traditional 3 tier architecture and a Hyper Converged Infrastructure, these solutions promise easy ordering, quick deployment, simplified management, and a better support experience. There are a number of options and players in the field. WTG has done the homework for you. Lets talk about which solution fits best into your unique ecosystem.

Server Side Caching

This technology is a great way to get the most out of an existing hardware investment. While much of the industry is talking about solid state storage technologies, we can’t simply ignore the investments that many have already made into spinning disk arrays. Server side caching allows you to squeeze the last drops of usability out of your existing investments, without suffering the performance penalties. Let’s see how this technology can help in your datacenter.

Management and Monitoring

Your IT environment is the lifeblood of your business. You need to know when something goes wrong, and you need the tools to get you back online quickly. Winslow Technology Group works with the top providers in this space to make sure you have the visibility into your environment that you need. Rest easy at night with the right solution in place. We can show you how.