Boston University

Boston University’s College of Arts & Sciences, which includes the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, is the largest school at BU, offering Bachelor of Arts degrees in over 20 departments and 25 interdisciplinary programs, including those offered through the Pardee School of Global Studies.


When the Arts and Sciences department at Boston University (BU) needed a simple way for students to use the computer labs, they confidently chose Winslow Technology Group (WTG) as their IT solutions provider. BU wanted an easy-to-manage virtual desktop solution that would save them time and money, while reducing their data center carbon footprint through less power consumption.

Solution and Outcome

With a goal of keeping expenses low, BU wanted to reduce their overall support and maintenance costs. WTG introduced a Nutanix turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure solution on a Dell platform that delivers enterprise-class storage, compute, and native virtualization services to run nearly any application with no additional fees. With the easy to manage Prism software that was included with Nutanix, BU also saved time by managing all servers under one GUI.

Implementing a Nutanix hyperconverged solution made BU early adopters of the technology. “Overall I think the hyperconverged environment is the direction of the future,” says the Director of the College of Arts & Sciences at Boston University. “Nutanix simplified our virtual desktop deployment to a point where we don’t even think about the hardware it’s running on. The time saved by not having to manage a traditional server/storage/networking setup frees up our system administrators to work on other projects and be more productive. From a management and financial standpoint, it simplifies what we need to keep track of and patch, as well as limits the amount of ongoing support costs.”

With the College of Arts and Sciences department operating at a much more efficient rate, the word has spread across the BU campus. The Metropolitan School, the BU School of Medicine, BU Central IT, BU Engineering, and BU Business have all implemented the same Dell Nutanix hyperconverged solution.

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