Architect your environment to boost your business outcomes.

In order to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing business, successful IT organizations are adopting multi-cloud platforms faster than ever before. However, moving to the cloud without understanding how it will help you achieve your business goals will only put you at risk. Wherever you are on your journey, you will want to ensure that your options are aligned with your desired business outcomes. Workload flexibility is the most important factor in determining the type of cloud needed—public, private, or hybrid. Developing a solid strategy can help you realize significant benefits such as increased availability, faster time to market, lower costs, and more.

When done right, cloud helps: 

  • Innovate and adapt business processes to capitalize quickly on new market trends and shifts
  • Transform your IT infrastructure to more easily consume resources
  • Increase agility and availability to stay ahead of your competition
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Defining the Right Cloud Strategy to Maximize Benefits

Leverage Winslow Technology Group’s (WTG) expertise in developing a solid strategy that helps control costs, minimize risks, and realize benefits sooner.

Winslow will help you determine how private cloud should be used. This includes virtual private cloud services from public cloud providers, as well as managed private cloud supported by service providers. The creation of a dedicated on-premises private cloud environment allows your organization to become a cloud service provider to your own internal stakeholders.

We will also help you consider the use of public cloud services, as well as traditional applications and infrastructure. Working with an experienced partner will not only help you anticipate challenges and avoid costly mistakes, but it will also help you explore the exact right platforms to meet your needs. WTG has decades of experience helping companies successfully strategize, architect, build, manage, and secure their public, private, and hybrid clouds.


Our Approach

Focus on Innovation
At WTG, we believe cloud isn’t a place or location, but instead a way to bring services to internal customers more efficiently in order to support their needs and foster innovation.

Think Application
Whether you are using a public cloud, or have a public-first mandate, you will want to consider the application. As you move workloads across various clouds, availability becomes a top priority. WTG will help you push availability up the stack, and move your workloads into the right cloud environments to achieve your desired business outcomes.

We work with specialized partners to help you develop a customized cloud that best serves the needs of your business.


True innovation starts here:

WTG will help you:

  • Right-size your multi-cloud strategy, to avoid scope creep and unexpected costs
  • Align priority workloads with proven partner solutions for faster deployment
  • Navigate architectural complexities to ensure successful cloud migration and implementation
  • Protect sensitive data and mitigate risks in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape
  • Leverage all of the benefits that your multi-cloud environment is designed to support—to free you up for innovation


We can help you plan, build, implement, and secure a successful private cloud environment that provides ease of use, self-service, simplified management, and data sharing between services.

WTG will help you assess whether your infrastructure is well utilized. This is the best way to ensure cost-effectiveness with private cloud.


We can help you determine which public cloud option is best for you. Companies benefit from wide accessibility, lower costs, and increased operational efficiencies that public cloud can provide.


A mix of on-premises and off-premises technologies gives you control where you need it and flexibility over your infrastructure, which can lead to greater agility and cost savings.

WTG helps simplify the cloud process so you can quickly gain the benefits of whatever multi-cloud environment is right for you.