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Advantages of a Cloud Environment

Cost Savings

Increased Security



Build a Reliable, Modern, Cloud Environment

Data-driven Decisions

In order to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing business and to keep IT costs down, many organizations are adopting hybrid and multi-cloud solutions faster than ever before.

However, moving to the cloud without understanding how it will help you achieve your business goals will only put you at risk. Wherever you are on your journey, you will want to ensure that your options are aligned with your desired business outcomes. Workload flexibility is the most important factor in determining the type of cloud needed—public, private, hybrid, or multi.

Developing a solid data-driven strategy can help you realize significant benefits such as increased availability, faster time to market, lower costs, and more.

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Begin Your Journey to the Cloud 

4 Simple Steps

Live Optics

Live Optics

Free, online software used to collect and visualize data about your IT environment and workloads

Hybrid Cloud Assessment

Complete a Hybrid Cloud Assessment

Identify workloads that are most cost-effective to run in a public cloud and implement private cloud at reduced capacity for remaining workloads

Cloud Report

Transform your IT infrastructure 

Based on the output from our Assessment, we’ll develop a design that accounts for your on-premise infrastructure, as well as components that are easily moved to the cloud


Enable Cloud Connectivity

With your private cloud in place and target workloads identified, we’ll enable connectivity to public provider

Implement Modern Products and Cloud Solutions

Whether you are using a public cloud, or have a public-first mandate, you will want to consider the application. As you move workloads across various clouds, availability becomes a top priority. Winslow Technology Group will help you push availability up the stack and move your workloads into the right environments to achieve your desired business outcomes.

We work with specialized partners such as Dell Technology, Hashi, VMware, Nutanix, and more who deliver modern solutions that will help you develop a customized solution that best serves the needs of your business.

Contact us for a no-cost Hybrid Cloud Assessment so we can help you:

  • Right-size your multi-cloud strategy, to avoid scope creep and unexpected costs
  • Align priority workloads with proven partner solutions for faster deployment
  • Navigate architectural complexities to ensure successful migration and implementation
  • Protect sensitive data and mitigate risks in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape
  • Leverage all the benefits that your multi-cloud environment is designed to support—to free you up for innovation
  • Choose the best solution that will modernize your business and save on costs

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