Build a comprehensive security plan to protect your data no matter where it’s used or stored.

In today’s risk-filled business environment, cybercriminals, hackers, and attackers are often highly complex networks of adversaries and sophisticated criminal organizations. You may be facing unprecedented security challenges that compromise your data, your customer’s data, and your overall brand. As security stakes continue to rise, you need to proactively develop, manage and monitor a comprehensive security program that includes data protection, threat and vulnerability management, application security, program governance and identity, and access management. All of this starts with a solid security strategy that will help increase your organization’s maturity and ensure ongoing security now and into the future.

A comprehensive security plan helps you: 

  • Implement effective strategies to stay safe in the face of advanced cyber threats and digital challenges
  • Protect company data at all the end-points on your network
  • Refine security policies and processes to proactively identify and prioritize threats, providing better visibility, enhanced security, and reduced risk
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Maximize endpoint protection across your entire business environment

You need to secure your physical and virtual endpoint devices and your data, while still satisfying end-user requirements. Winslow Technology Group (WTG) helps create a secure environment with solutions tailored to secure workloads across multi-cloud environments. We have real-world industry experience helping companies successfully strategize, architect, build, and manage and their security solutions—to stop evolving attacks, simplify endpoint security, and exceed compliance requirements. WTG provides you with expert security solutions, in addition to a full range of managed detection and response services to standardize, streamline, and simplify your security technologies for maximum data protection.


Our Approach

At WTG, we help you integrate the right tools and practices into your network early on. Our core infrastructure focus gives us the ability to leverage the knowledge we already have of your IT environment, and then use it to plan for the best-advanced threat prevention available today. By identifying your security requirements upfront, continually monitoring network access, engaging endpoint threat intelligence, and setting guidelines and limits on the devices that can connect to your business, we help protect your data no matter where it’s stored. Leverage WTG’s expertise to select the right Dell EMC security solution to meet your needs. With Dell EMC’s best-in-class solutions and WTG’s knowledge of your infrastructure, business strategies, and priorities, we work together to recommend a plan that ensures security of your reputation and your brand.


WTG will help you develop an effective strategy to cover all aspects of an effective security program


End-point protection


Threat and vulnerability management


Application security


Program governance Manage detection and response
Safeguard important information from corruption, compromise or loss Identify vulnerabilities in networks, infrastructure and applications Find, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities in your applications Ensure that controls are implemented and risks are mitigated Gain real-time visibility into threats—both within and outside your organization


Reliable security starts here:

  • Strategize, architect, build and manage your security solutions
  • Stop evolving attacks, simplify endpoint security and exceed compliance requirements
  • Standardize, streamline and simplify your security technologies for maximum data protection
  • Create a secure cloud environment with Dell EMC solutions tailored to secure workloads across multi-cloud environments
  • Leverage our long-standing relationship with SecureWorks to deliver advanced data analytics, security insights, monitoring, and analysis for your organization