Hyper-Converged Web Scale at Any Scale

Rapidly scale your virtualized environment with high-performance Dell XC Series web-scale solutions powered by Nutanix. Deploy additional resources quickly and easily, expanding performance and capacity as your different projects evolve. These include:

  • Desktop and server virtualization
  • Test and development
  • Private clouds and database applications

Build incrementally with pay as you grow, scale-out expansion, and meet future needs without over-provisioning. Based on proven PowerEdge technology and powerful Nutanix software, and backed by the exceptional capabilities of Dell Global Services and Support, the XC Series of hyper-converged appliances enable you to deploy new applications with minimal upfront investment and IT complexity.


Achieve web-scale performance for virtualized workloads at any scale. Grow your business with hyper-converged XC Series appliances that enable you to efficiently manage your infrastructure, scale with ease and focus on business innovation.

Deliver Rapid Value with Web-Scale Infrastructure

Run virtualized workloads and storage software on virtual machines (VMs) within one XC Series web-scale appliance. Combining CPU, memory, storage, hypervisor and networking interface functions with Nutanix operating software into a single chassis allows you to quickly implement scale-out performance and expand capacity at the same time, in small increments, delivering rapid value to dynamic environments.

Easily Scale and Manage

Manage storage for virtualized workloads at a VM level using policies based on the needs of each workload. Expand your storage capacity with an XC Series scale-out solution that has enterprise-class storage management capabilities — including automated tiering, thin provisioning, snapshots and replication, and compression and deduplication. Depend on a highly available, fault-tolerant architecture with comprehensive diagnostic and self-healing capabilities.

Focus on Innovation

Deploy new workloads quickly and simply with the modular and balanced architecture of the XC Series hyper-converged appliance. Shift your focus from supporting operations to strategic decision making, providing innovative solutions that meet your business objectives.

Optimize for Virtualized Workloads

Easily deploy and scale in small increments for desktop virtualization without requiring deep storage management expertise. Efficiently implement private cloud deployments as well as test and development environments, managing virtual environments at the VM level rather than managing individual LUNs, volumes or RAID groups. Aggregate storage drives across all nodes, with thin provisioning, automatic compression and deduplication to increase effective storage capacity.

Dell XC Web-Scale Converged Appliance

Easy to deploy, support and expand
Consolidate compute and storage into a single chassis with Dell XC Series web-scale converged appliances, powered by Nutanix software. XC Series appliances install quickly, integrate easily into any data center, and can be deployed for multiple virtualized workloads including desktop virtualization, database and private cloud projects. With Dell XC Series appliances, your enterprise can:

  • • Grow incrementally with pay as you grow, scale-out expansion
  • • Increase capacity and performance one node at a time
  • • Meet future needs without over-provisioning
  • • Deploy desktop virtualization infrastructure up to 6 times faster-and at up to 27% lower cost over a three-year duty cycle-than traditional white box solutions

VCE VxRail Appliance Family

Turnkey hyper-converged VMware virtualization appliances

VCE VxRail™ Appliance Family delivers an all-in-one IT infrastructure transformation for a wide variety of applications and workloads. Based on VMware’s vSphere and Virtual SAN, and EMC software, the VxRail Appliance Family can increase workload capacity, performance, scalability and control with:

  • • Fully integrated and pre-configured appliances
  • • Modular building blocks that let you start small and grow as needed
  • • An efficient infrastructure that combines compute and storage

VCE VxRack Node Hyper-Converged Software Defined Storage

Extreme performance in software defined storage

VCE VxRack™ Node is high-performance software-defined storage powered by EMC ScaleIO, with:

  • 8x better IOPScompared to traditional SAN
  • Linearly scalingperformance as nodes are added
  • Automatic optimizationin the background