Optimize your Hyperconverged Infrastructure to become more Streamlined, Agile and Secure.

Today’s businesses are moving toward digital transformation at a staggering rate. IT organizations struggle to provision resources instantly, generate applications quickly, and secure it all. They require the agility, ease of management, and simplicity that a cloud environment provides, yet this can mean IT loses some of the control it has on-premises.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) delivers the agility of public cloud infrastructure as well as the security and peace of mind of hosting hardware on your own premises. With a hyperconverged environment, you will benefit from the flexibility to host private clouds, support virtual desktops and introduce new application development environments, as well as improve your scalability and lower total cost of ownership.

When done right, HCI helps: 

  • Simplify your IT environment by converging compute, storage and networking tiers into a single system
  • Boost efficiencies in your legacy storage environment
  • Optimize a hybrid cloud quickly, seamlessly and securely


Customized Hyperconvergence with Unprecedented Agility

Leverage Winslow Technology Group’s (WTG) expertise in designing and implementing hyperconverged infrastructure that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization technologies in a server-based rack system or appliance. Not only will you have the ability to move some or all of your virtual machines to a fully-supported, open-source virtualization package, but you will also reduce costs and increase efficiency by choosing the hypervisor that best fits the specific needs of your applications. This allows your component resources to be managed as a single system—giving you the agility and customization you need for success.


Our Approach

Data Driven

  • We help you take an analytical approach to hybrid cloud, conducting an assessment process with your stakeholders to determine your needs and areas of untapped potential
  • Next, we run the analytics that are necessary to make data-driven decisions
  • The move to cloud—and digital transformation in general—is about looking at what the business needs first, and then building services and systems to support it

Incremental Process
Your hybrid cloud optimization doesn’t have to be a big, overwhelming event. WTG helps you prioritize and map out your cloud adoption, taking small, manageable steps to migrate to a hyperconverged infrastructure—integrating the exact right cloud services, platforms and software needed to reach your objectives.

We work with specialized partners to help you develop a customized cloud operating model that positively impacts your business.

Our strategy is to offer you the ability to seamlessly tie your on-premises infrastructures to cloud platforms, providing the cloud-enabled IT, services, and consumption choices you need to achieve your digital goals.


True Transformation Starts Here:

  • Eliminate lock-in of server hardware or hypervisors and facilitate movement to open-source virtualization
  • Properly size for growth with our expertise in strategy, design and implementation
  • Identify gaps in process and resources—providing expert staff augmentation exactly where and when you need it
  • Support both traditional and cloud-native workloads—all while optimizing total cost of ownership
  • Manage the entire process—including solution recommendation, implementation, migration and optimization

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