Data Protection Solutions

Companies frequently focus on the backup. What is the backup window? How much data do we need to backup? Winslow Technology Group has been providing expert data protection consulting since 2003, assisting hundreds of companies meet their data protection goals.

A common theme we’ve seen is that the most important part of data protection is not the backup. It’s the restore. Turn these questions around. How long would it take us to restore this? How much data do we need to restore in a disaster? These are ultimately the factors that should be driving your design, not the other way around.

There are a number of facets to a complete data protection strategy. Winslow Technology Group has extensive experience and expertise in data protection to fill the gaps and ensure your business is well protected.

How Our Data Protection Technology Experts Can Help You

Endpoint Protection

As more and more organizations move to a decentralized work model with bring your own device plans becoming common, the need to protect data on your endpoints such as laptops and tablets has never been more pressing. Leverage our experience to ensure your data isn’t being lost outside of your datacenter.


Centralized storage devices do a great job of putting all your important data in one place. This provides you with a lot of management benefits, but also means putting all your eggs in one basket. Leverage replication technologies at the storage array, hypervisor, or application level to protect that data in an offsite location. This second copy can be hot and ready to use, or more of a cold standby. Let WTG help you sort through the options.


With growing amounts of data and ever changing data regulations affecting many organizations, an effective archiving strategy and platform has become a necessity for many businesses. Winslow Technology Group can guide you through the implementation to provide you a seamless approach to archiving that meets all of your requirements. From legal hold to varying retention periods, WTG has the experience to keep you on track.

Enterprise Backup

Large organizations have numerous platforms, operating systems, applications, and environments that need to be protected. Each one may have different requirements to get that data safeguarded quickly and efficiently. There are a lot of options in this space and WTG has tried them all. We’ll act as your trusted advisor in the selection and implementation of the right strategy for you.


Data reduction can happen at several different locations in your environment. From primary storage to backup target, we utilize the best data reduction technologies in the industry. We will work with you to design a data reduction plan that takes advantage of all the tools available. The end result will deliver the ideal combination of lowest possible cost and best performance for your environment.