In today’s connected world, businesses need to be available to their customers, 24/7/365. Zerto provides Resilience for Evolving IT™, ensuring enterprises and their customers always have access to applications without any IT interruption, downtime or delay. Zerto’s award-winning Cloud Continuity Platform, protecting thousands of enterprises worldwide, is the simplest, most reliable BC/DR software solution built to protect applications on any virtualized IT environment, be it public, private or hybrid cloud. Zerto’s proactive approach to recovery gives companies confidence in their ability to withstand any disruption, incorporate new technology easily, and quickly adapt to accommodate evolving IT priorities.

Replication & Disaster Recovery

Replication for disaster recovery is utilized by organizations of any size that have a virtualized environment because the impact of not being able to recover successfully and quickly from a disaster can be catastrophic. Different enterprise-class disaster recovery technologies have been available since the mass adoption of virtualization took place, but they were typically designed to protect physical servers using.

Data Migration & Workload Mobility

The migration of data and workloads is evolving as many IT departments seek to drive efficiency and build cloud adoption strategies by utilizing different hypervisors and storage in private data centers, or by migrating to hybrid and public clouds. The need for seamless data migration and workload mobility required to move large data sets and Virtual Machines (VMs) with ease,.

Automated Failover, Failback & Testing

The ability to orchestrate and automate a disaster recovery failover and successfully test the failover on a frequent basis is a key requirement for businesses of all sizes. Without this capability the business is at significant risk of not being able to recover the Virtual Machines (VMs), data and applications from a disaster as:.

Reduce Recovery Time & Point Objectives (RPO & RTO)

Zerto Drives Down Recovery Point & Recovery Time Objectives

There is nothing worse than having to re-enter data or lose ideas and intellectual property because of an unplanned server or site outage. Nobody wants to lose data. Recovery Point Objectives refer to how much data is actually being lost. Recovery Time Objective refers to how long it takes to get.

Complete BC/DR Solution: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Hundreds of thousands of organizations all over the world leverage virtualization technologies to deliver their IT services and applications on scalable and efficient platforms. Whether the virtualization platform is based on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V the same key challenges of implementing a complete business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) strategy for virtualized applications remain.

Storage Savings

Businesses increasingly demand cost savings and efficiency in the use of IT resources, yet the rate of storage growth continues to increase year on year which is becoming a big challenge for IT departments. Production storage is typically one of the largest cost items in any data center and utilizing the storage for what it was bought for and being.

AWS Migration: Cloud Migration to Amazon Web Services

With over 1 million active users Amazon Web Services (AWS) is fast becoming the new norm for many IT services. To capitalize on the benefits of running workloads in AWS many organizations have, or are consideration migration projects for their workloads that would most benefit from running in the public cloud. The size of the data set and number of.

Cross-Hypervisor Replication

Zerto Virtual Replication introduces an industry first with support for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere , which enables cross-hypervisor replication and recovery. With automatic conversion of the virtual machines (VMs) on the fly, users no longer have to match the hypervisor between and data centers. This allows utilization of the hypervisor of choice depending on workload, cost, performance and availability.