Data Protection Suite Offerings

Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition offers comprehensive data protection to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

  • • Protects data and applications residing in on-premises traditional infrastructures to virtualized environments including public and hybrid clouds
  • • Provides coverage across the data protection continuum, from replication to snapshot to data backup and archive
  • • Comprehensive, high performing and flexible

Data Protection Suite For Backup

Data Protection Suite for Backup is an industry-leading backup and recovery software solution.

  • • Supports deduplication backup, backup to disk, snapshot-based backup and backup to tape
  • • Offers comprehensive backup monitoring, analysis and reporting
  • • Delivers backups of data and applications within the public cloud, as well as secure long-term retention of backups to the cloud
  • • Mix and match software anytime for complete data protection

Data Protection Suite For Applications

Data Protection Suite for Applications offers unparalleled efficiency to meet stringent SLAs on mission critical applications.

  • • 20x faster backup for mission critical apps
  • • Empowers application owners/database admins to backup directly to Data Domain through native utilities
  • • Eliminates or significantly reduces the impact on application servers
  • • Reduces overall cost and complexity by removing a traditional backup application

Why Data Protection Suite Family


      • Industry-Leading Data Protection Software

      Leverages Dell EMC’s best-in-class replication, snapshot, backup and archive solutions


      • Comprehensive Yet Simple

      Delivers complete protection purpose-built for the most popular use cases


      • Data Protection Everywhere

      Covers all consumption models and protects data across the continuum


    • Cloud-Enabled

    Enables secure and efficient backups within the cloud and long-term retention to the cloud


    • Investment Protection

    Modify the mix over time as data grows and the environment evolves


    • Flexible

    Mix and match software anytime to deploy across physical and virtual environments as requirements change